Hidden Picture Storypainting

What exactly is a Storypainting?

A Storypainting is a unique form of art. It is a painting created specifically to convey a story in a beautiful visual form, basically, I'm painting your memories. I often incorporate hidden images and symbolism into my paintings to help tell the story.  I provide my clients with a written description of their custom artwork, as well as a paper "key" showing where their hidden images are. 

My clients commission me to create these timeless treasures of commemorative and memorial art to preserve and help share their stories. I enjoy closely collaborating with them to provide them with a truly personal work of art. 

Everyone has a story

I've created Commemorative Art Storypaintings for individuals,  families, businesses and schools. They've honored graduates, paid tribute to dear loved ones who have passed, and told stories of adopted children, among other things. Storypaintings are one of a kind lasting tributes to life and its milestones . 

I want a Storypainting! How do I get one of my own?

If you have a story you'd like me to paint, please contact me via phone or email. 

I work closely with each of my clients to produce a work of art as unique as their story and look forwards to speaking with you. 

A Word About Pricing


I work closely with my clients to produce one of a kind commemorative art paintings, and can also provide prints of your original painting so you can share the image.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis, and vary depending on size, detail, and number of hidden images. After we discuss your project, I can give you a solid price quote tailored to your Storypainting and can design your work within reasonable budget parameters. 

For frame of reference concerning price:

A 22x28 original painting on canvas, packed full of detail, with a written description of the story, a paper "key" showing the hides, and with no less than 8 hidden images would run $2400.

Prices could be less or more, it just depends on the individual project.

Special request hidden images are priced at $35 each.